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Manhattan Upper West Side (North of 59th Street)
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Updated: Jan 17,2008
Bowler City Lanes ( 85 Midtown Bridge Approach, Hackensack, NJ )
Games: Check out the website....


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Visited: Jan 16, 2008 by Max

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Updated: Jan 25,2008
The Midway (Ave B betw 2nd and 3rd st)
Games: Bally's BigTop (74)
Condition: nice
Price: $.25 for 3 ball game
Visited: Jan 22, 2008 by Joe Pinball

The game is way in the back, and looks and plays great.

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Updated: Jan 19,2009
Fun Zone Entertainment - Nathan's Famous (Rt 110 Northbound side, Farmingdale)
Games: Independence Day
Condition: Good
Price: 1 play - 50 cents - 3 balls / 1 buck - 3 plays
Visited: Jan 19, 2009 by ACE

In back by doors. Works Good - Right loop has a flipper sticking out a little
blocking the loop shot - no big deal can still make it. Fun game. TILT good.
Special, extra ball, 4 ball multiball.

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Updated: May 2,2009
bruar falls (245 grand street)
Games: Attack from mars
Condition: good
Price: $1 for 3 balls
Visited: May 1, 2009 by rafael

game plays fast, paddles at a wierd angle, trapping is nearly impossible. Also,
$1 for 3 balls with no replay.

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Updated: Dec 9,2009
McKenna's Pub (245 W 14th St. (bet 7th Ave/8th Ave nearer to 8th))
Games: New Stern NBA (2009)
Condition: Mint
Price: 1/.75, 3/$2
Visited: Dec 09, 2009 by MAX

place is actually 250 W 14th st. near 8th Ave...
2-1 happy hour every day from 12-7pm and cheap beer.

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Updated: Jul 19,2009
Barracuda (275 w 22nd. st)
Games: Indiana Jones (Stern)
Condition: Good
Visited: Jul 18, 2009 by Rafael

Gay bar, pin in the main area. Some guys were playing, so I didn't get on it.

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Updated: Oct 10,2009
Niagra (7th and Avenue A)
Games: CSI
Condition: Good
Price: 1 Dollar = 1 Game; 2Dollars = 3 games
Visited: Oct 10, 2009 by Brian

Great game and fun to play.

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